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Check the new features and improvements made for this version of ProcessMaker Mobile Edition.

Release Date: August 4th, 2015

New Features

  • Routing screen for Mobile.

  • Support for Manual routing.

  • Loading messages were added in different places.

  • Support for ProcessMaker installations in https.

  • New logo which includes the registered symbol.

  • DYNAFORM - Link controller

  • Synchronization with the System Date.

  • Grids for Mobile.

  • Signature in landscape.

  • New icons in the walkthrough, uniforms with the web sign up.

  • Changes to the signup form, all the page fields of the enterprise trial sign up were included.

  • Remove Pause, Unpause, ProcessMap and Cancel of the cases list options.


  • Ensure to upgrade your processmaker to 3.0.1

  • It is not recommended to use Offline DynaForms.