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Knowledge Tree 1.4.40 
(Release date: December 12th, 2014)


KnowledgeTree is an open source Document Management System (DMS), which offers a simple web-based interface to provide access to documents for specified users in an organization. ProcessMaker Enterprise Edition 2.0 offers a plugin to integrate with KnowledgeTree 3.X, so that Input Documents and Output Documents which are used in ProcessMaker cases can be stored and managed in a centralized manner. Storage in KnowledgeTree allows ProcessMaker documents to be easily accessed by external applications and seamlessly integrated into an organization's wider operations.

This version of the plugin was focused on the resolution of ten bugs, giving the plugin more stability.


ProcessMaker Requirements

  • ProcessMaker v2.5.x or higher (stable version + available hotfix)
  • Compatibility with ProcessMaker Enterprise Edition v. 2.8
  • Enterprise Plugin v2.0.17 or higher (stable version + available hotfix)

Browser Compatibility

Tested with the following browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox v. 33.
  • Google Chrome v. 38.
  • Internet Explorer v. 10.

Fixed Bugs

  • After saving the Knowledge Tree DMS services, it redirects to a page that doesn’t exist.
  • Documents cannot be uploaded from ProcessMaker in KnowledgeTree DMS.


No improvements available in this version.

New features

No new features available in this version.

Known Issues

No known issues available in this version.


English (Default core language)